April 2017 - Chyna 2.0 - Kim Constable

Tell us about yourself (name, age, education, family, work, etc.)

My name is Kim Constable, and I am 41 years old. I am a full time working mom of 2 awesome kids Ava and Parker. They keep me on my toes and very busy always. I have learned so much about life from raising them.

How long have you been doing crossfit?

I have been showing up for 3 ½ years. Thanks to the sisterhood (aka Allyson and Kellie) if I could insert heart emoji’s I would.

When/what was your “crossfit moment” or have you had one? (The one where you think you may actually die)

The “moment” hits me on most days. I almost died during the Open, the 17.5 workout had me looking for oxygen. 10 rounds of Thrusters and conquering double unders (finally), had me wondering if I would live. I had to apologize for my actions after that one.

What are your favorite crossfit movements:

I like handstand pushups, heavy squats and anything I can push above my head!

What movement makes you look at the white board and want to walk back out the door?

Squat snatches and overhead squats, these are by far my weakest movements.

What are your goals?

My biggest goals are to conquer all of my weak movements and be good at them.  Pull ups, getting better at pull ups, that’s the biggest goal!  Also to breathe while working out, it’s a work in progress.

What motivates you to continue coming back?

I have always loved working out, but The Rock is the only place I want to continue my fitness. The coaches, the people I get to see every week take me to a place I need to be at the end of the day. Everyone is so encouraging and really the best group of people out there.  It’s amazing to see how hard everyone works at all different ages and levels, that’s the part I love most.

What’s your favorite cheat meal?

Oh, wine of course. Is that a meal? If I had to pick food, basically anything with cheese.

In your own words what is Rocktown Crossfit?

It’s a place where I can relieve stress and see my friends, those are both important things to me.  I have to relieve the pressure of life in order to be a better mother and wife (right Will?).  It’s a community of good people, really! I have really gained strong friendships just from coming to Rocktown, that’s pretty amazing!

Free Write: (anything you want to say about trainers/facilities/other athletes/etc)

In the beginning I was so nervous about Crossfit and honestly was hesitant about starting.  Thank goodness I took the chance and didn’t look back.

I am so proud to be apart of Rocktown, I have never lost interest, gotten burned out and actually can’t wait to get there as much as my schedule allows. The fact that my kids have been involved in such a great program, makes me so happy. Lauren has been amazing with my kids, and they have become stronger from it. I love that they love it as much as I do. I appreciate the time the coaches have taken to help me learn each time I show up. I love the energy in the room, it’s so exciting to me. Thank you Nate and Lauren for an awesome place we can all show up to. Thank you to all of the coaches, you all are inspiring, so sweet and amazing individuals for dedicating your time.  I love my muscles and I thank you for helping me gain them. It’s fun feeling strong and pretty empowering.  At 41 it feels awesome to lift heavy weights and occasionally keep up with so many strong people!

P.S. I can’t wait for the Christmas Party!

A Note from the Rocktown Staff:

You know you’re doing it right when Kim is slinging a few swears your way at the end of the workout.  But I’ll be honest I’d have it no other way.  We love her passion and the example she set’s for her kids.  This past March marked our 5th year participating in the Open…one of my top 3 favorite moments of all time was 17.3 while Kim was on the Rower while Parker and Ava were by her side cheering her on…to see the pride on their faces when she was done gives me goosebumps.  They see her hard work on a daily basis, and its an example I hope to be for my son one day.  But it would be remiss if we didn’t share all the laughs from the past few years…whether its Will at the Christmas party stealing the show or Kim’s hair going crazy when the moisture pops off at the gym or how ridiculously similar she looks like the WWF wrestler Chyna.  Thanks for making The Rock your home, sharing your family with us and the tons of laughs and all the fitness along the way!