May 2017 - Captain Consistent - Shane Smith


Tell us about yourself (name, age, education, family, work, etc.)

Hey! My name is Shane Smith and I am 40 years old. I grew up in Bath County but nobody but Nate would know where that’s at. I graduated from Radford University and started grad school at Virginia Tech. After one semester,  I enlisted in the United States Coast guard where I was a machinery technician and boat engineer on search and rescue operations in NY. After my 4 year enlistment was up, I did an outdoor educator course with NOLS, was a crewmember on the tall ship HMS Bounty, a raft guide on the Nantahala River in NC and a snowmaker at Wintergreen Resort. I’m now the purchasing supervisor at Rosetta Stone where I’ve worked the last 9 years. I had only planned on being there for one year and then move on to the next adventure, but three kids, two dogs and a beautiful wife later, here I am. I met Jasmine at work and somehow she conned me into getting married and having kids. It’s been one big adventure ever since!

How long have you been doing crossfit?

I’ve been doing crossfit a little over a year now.

When/what was your “crossfit moment” or have you had one? (the one where you think you may actually die)

There have been many workouts where I thought I was going to die or at least puke!  After listening to Jasmine talk about it for a whole year not to mention that by the time I started she was doing everything at about 6 months pregnant.  I went into PEAK thinking “this can’t be that hard” but I soon found out that an empty barbell and a 200 meter run damn near killed me. A chipped tooth from an empty bar in a shoulder to overhead warm-up, a strawberry on my chin from the laces of an out of control wall ball, and eating it on the box during the open have all been moments that make me question why I’m there but “I trust the process” and continue to come back for more!

What are your favorite crossfit movements?

Clean & Jerks, Deadlifts, Pull-ups, Rowing

What movement makes you look at the white board and want to walk back out the door?

Thrusters (I hate them with a passion)

What are your goals?

When I started crossfit, my goal was to drop some weight and get some energy back. I remember hearing Nate say during PEAK to “trust the process”. As I continue to get stronger and a little better each day, I always think of him saying this. I’m on my third session of Laurens Accountability Group and with her help and extra push I’ve met many goals. My goal this round is to work on building up my strength and skill with the barbell movements.  I know I need to be “more aggressive”, easier said than done!

What motivates you to continue coming back?

The thing that motivates me the most is seeing the physical change in my body and how I feel throughout the day. I’ve dropped 27 pounds in the last year and I’m probably in the best shape I have ever been in because of crossfit.

The coaches and members also motivate me. To see the coaches’ doing the same workouts and leading by example is an awesome thing. The encouragement and the excitement from everyone when you hit a PR or you just need that extra push is truly amazing and that is what keeps me coming back for more.

What is your favorite cheat meal?

Pizza and Ice Cream!!!

In your own words what is Rocktown Crossfit?

I never considered myself an athlete. I played a few sports growing up but snowboarding was the only thing that I was half way decent at. I had gym memberships over the years but I didn’t put much effort into working out or my diet. Even as I got older I didn’t have the motivation or desire because I never saw results. Rocktown Crossfit has helped me gain the confidence to want to get better and has given me that extra push and motivation that I hadn’t found before. The most impressive thing about Rocktown is the people, both coaches and members. Everyone is so genuine. In today’s world where people are so self-absorbed, it’s refreshing to belong to a place where you don’t have to deal with it.

Free Write: (anything you want to say about trainers/facilities/other athletes/etc)

First, I have to thank my wife Jasmine for all of the nagging she did to get me to try crossfit. Every day I had to listen to her talk about her snatch, or her jerks and all the weights I would think to myself “that’s not for me”?  With her being pregnant and continuing to show up every day left me with no excuse to not at least try it.  Once again, she was right and I’ve been hooked from day one! I still can’t understand how something that hurts and sucks so bad in the moment can leave you feeling so great and accomplished for the rest of the day.

Thank you Lauren and Nate for all of your help and advice you have given me this past year and for creating such a welcoming environment that keeps me and a lot of other people coming back each day. I have a huge amount of respect for you both and I love knowing that our kids have a place to get their fitness on as they grow up and so many great people to look up to.

Thanks to all of the coaches who have offered advice and pushed me to do things I never thought I would be capable of doing! Whether it’s telling me to stop before I hurt myself, helping me with the same techniques and movements, over and over again and of course Dana who is always there to tell me that I need more weight on my bar. All of you guys are the best of the best!

A Note from the Rocktown Staff:

27lbs ladies and gentlemen.  This is from someone who did not look like he had 27lbs to give up!  But he’s never looked faster or stronger.  Shane is one of the most humble guys you will ever meet.  Not once has he ever questioned anything a coach has asked him to do and it’s paid off.  Whether it’s been just swinging from the rig practicing the kip, scaling specific workouts and weights or even what to add to his diet Shane has been very diligent and understands that things do not happen overnight.  When Lauren recently started her new accountability group she had at least 2 guys sign up and when asked what their goals were their response “we want to do whatever Shane has been doing.”  And as hard of a worker Shane is you won’t find a nicer guy…he’s the Peyton Manning of Rocktown, you can’t help but love the guy.  He’s been a great role model for all of us CrossFit Dads…Piper, Greycen and Reef have someone great to look up to.  Congratulations Shane, keep up the good work…and stay just a few reps ahead of Rob 

and Go Chargers!