Brenda Forren


Not many 0530 classes pass without a Brenda Forren sighting. Whether she’s blazing through a mile run after class or holding court with Cville Sara it’s impossible to miss her work ethic. For the past 3+ years we have been blessed by her presence and we are forever grateful we get to see her on a daily basis. Lauren has known Brenda from her very first workout at Golds Gym…she doesn’t remember exactly how long ago but she estimates it’s been close to 15 years. That’s what is so special about these relationships we never know where they will lead and 15 years later it’s safe to say Brenda’s fitness has grown to new heights. 


Name: Brenda Forren

Age: 46

Where are you from/Where do you live around here? Elkton

Tell us about yourself! I graduated from East Preaston in Terra Alta WVa. Got a degree in Cosmetology from Clarksburg. I am a small business owner of InStyle Family Hair Salon in Harrisonburg. I have an awesome husband who supports all my gym activities. He gets our daughter Alyssa, who is 14 now, to school in the mornings so I can get some gym time.

How long have you been coming to Rocktown CrossFit? I have been coming to CrossFit for 2 1/2 years.

What got you started at Rocktown CrossFit? I was a member of Valley Fitness 13 years prior to CrossFit and wanted to take it up a notch. Saw how CrossFit had changed other people's body structure and I wanted to build more muscle.

When or what was your CrossFit moment? Me as Sara side by side. It was like a 100 burpees to a target. I forget the rest of the workout. I definitely cheated but not because I wanted too. I could NOT move any more.

What are your goals for CrossFit? What are the reasons you do CrossFit? Always push myself right above being comfortable, build muscle and tone. Working out helps to reset me everyday to a healthy lifestyle.

In your own words, what is special about Rocktown CrossFit? I love the way we cheer each other on. No matter your level you belong to a group of awesome athletes. Shout out to Sara for always cheering me on. But most important I think Lauren and Nate make Rocktown special because they have a gift from God. Thanks for your passion and encouragement everyday.

Favorite Movements to do in a workout? I like to run because some people think I'm fast.

Thank you Brenda for making The Rock your home. Thank you for being a great example to all women out there that even with a family putting your health first is important.  Lastly thank you for your positive outlook and great energy you bring every morning, it does not go overlooked and we are grateful for it.