Thank you, Dwight Walton

It’s hard to put in to words the gratitude we have for Dwight Walton. As most of you know or have meet Dwight...nice doesn’t describe his personality. Dwight was a member of the 5:30am crew for several years and if you knew him during his time with us you saw a glimpse of how he is all the time. To say he’s the hardest working human I know doesn’t do it justice.


One of my favorite memories of Dwight at The Rock will forever be the plate carry. While he may be an optometrist by day he is a craftsman of sorts in his off time (as well as the Broadway Boys Varsity Basketball Coach). The workout called for a 400m run while carrying a plate. As we began to head outside everyone in the class is outside with their plate trying to figure out how to carry it....everyone but Dwight. As he stood off to the side with the plate propped on the ground I gave the call for “ten seconds”. Panic began to set in for most as they were still in decisive on the technique and escalated as we reached 3..2..1..go. Without hesitation Dwight with one arm scoops up the 45lb plate, threw it over his should with one finger in the middle opening and shot out like a cannon down the parking lot...not a single athlete within 80yds of him. To this date it is still on of the most impressive feats I’ve ever seen at The Rock. Dwight would go on to compete in the CrossFit Open and Superfit Richmond with a first place finish...just another example of anything he does a always at a high level.


Which brings us to 2.0. When we asked him for help we knew the timing couldn’t be worse and he was finishing up building his sons house, breaking ground on his own and finishing up Basketball season...but he agreed and off we went. The calls and text Lauren sent his was is probably in the 1000 range but he always had the answer. He went to bat for us when we didn’t know what to do, he spent his lunch breaks on the phone or at the city office or letting other workers into the building. He spent hours walking around Lowe’s with us, he loaned us his tools and shared his knowledge of construction. Lauren asked if I had learned anything from Dwight and honestly he’s the biggest reminder to me that hard work is required in everything we do. Watching him and “trying” to help him was very humbling. While he was moving fast he was cutting, thinking, and measuring with precision...again, one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen.

If you see Dwight Walton, please thank him...without him none of this would be possible.  There’s no words or actions that will ever repay what he has done for this gym. Thank you to his wife Theresa for allowing us to steal your husband away to make our dream a reality.

Dwight...thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your knowledge and handiness are only second to your kindness, patience and how you take care of those around you. You’re the greatest role model in a man I’ve ever met and I hope I can take what you have showed me these last few months and share those traits with my kids as the grow. In a world that at times is overshadowed by like Dwight.

Thank you my friend and go gobblers.


2192 days. It hasn’t felt like that many but 6+ years later here we are. As I find myself reflecting on all the great things that happened at Evelyn Byrd the truth of the matter is it was never the gym but the people inside that made it so special. You grew from nervous to confident, from weak to strong, from sick to well.

You learned about carbs, proteins and fats, and how to move a barbell. You learned that Monday’s are for Mary, that Target is only a half mile away and not to drink from the water fountain unless you were ready for a family.

You’ve met your husbands/wives, you’ve taught your parents and your kids the importance of self care and for five weeks every March you’ve given it everything you’ve got. You’ve bounced back from child birth, from surgeries and sometimes from life itself.

You learned that sometimes when Lauren spoke she meant the opposite of what she was saying, she doesn’t like the cold and that 9am’s are #BuiltbyLB.

Most’ve showed up. You’ve put a priority on your health. It’s not easy, and we wouldn’t want it to be. It’s the struggle that continues to mold and change us. We are the community who has accepted that easy is not the norm.

On Monday we pick up where we left off...the smell of paint and rubber may be new but the goal hasn’t changed. We have done our best to make 2.0 the best version we possibly could. The tears and sleepless nights behind this move are too high to count...but we knew you were worth it and you deserve it. Lauren has worked endlessly to bring the pieces together and it was nothing short of amazing. I wish it was as easy as just flipping the switch but it was far from it and we couldn’t be more excited to put this project behind us.

As you make your way in this week take a second to reflect on the time spent at Evelyn Byrd, the memories made and smile on how far we have come. You’re a part of this and because of you it was possible. The journey continues...only difference is that it now resides in the best looking gym I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

Welcome to 2.0....we hope you’re as proud of it as we are.



It's Time to Move.


Starting April 29th, 2019 Rocktown CrossFit will be located at 1645 Reservoir Street - Unit 149, Harrisonburg, Virginia. We will no longer be located at 1971G Evelyn Bird Ave. Contact information will remain the same.


Classes and open gym are canceled starting at 4:30pm on Friday, April 26th through Sunday, April 28th. Rocktown Athletes willing to help with the move should contact Lauren.

Workouts begin at the new location at 5:30am on April 29th.

Jacked By June


Jacked By June.

Sign up now for Rocktown Athletes and their Families.

For some it might be the Open hangover. For others it might be the kick in the ass you need to get back on track. No matter what category you fall in...this is your opportunity. 

Starting April 22nd The Rock will be sponsoring a wellness challenge for Rocktown Athletes and family members of Rocktown Athletes that will run through May 31st. 

$20 will get you in, get you weighed, and get you into the private facebook group full of recipes, motivation, and support.

The top three participants based on points will receive one month of one-on-one Nutrition coaching from Lauren;they can use it for themselves or as a gift for a friend. Win the prize or not, we are all going to win.  

Points will be awarded for each CrossFit class you attend and the total percent of body weight lost. This group is for Rocktown Athletes only and a great way to kick off your fittest summer.

If you want in, here's what it will take:

  • Sign up in the form below by midnight on April 20th.

  • 20 Bucks

  • Weigh in at The Rock with Lauren or a coach between now and April 22nd, preferably before class.

  • Once you weigh in you'll be given a calendar with your measurements. For each class you attend you just need to write your score down for the day. You'll turn these in at the end of the challenge at your final weigh in.

  • Self Discipline. We are all going to grind together, it's much easier to lock it down when you have the support of others.

Registration is now closed.

Let’s get Jacked by June.

The 2019 CrossFit Open - Thank You.

post open (1).jpg

Thank you.

The 2019 CrossFit Open

With the Open now in the rear view it’s always nice to take some time to reflect on the five weeks of workouts that always seem to have our gut in a knot as we see that 10 seconds counting down for the clock to start!

The Open ALWAYS teaches us something about ourselves. It can show us where we have grown…and where we can continue to improve. But whether you hit the mark you wanted or not, never be discouraged: you did it. Even the fact that you willingly signed up for five weeks of workouts that you had to complete in front of your peers was hard in itself. Most importantly you showed those who came to watch and support that you were committed to making yourself better. We saw people string together their first double unders, people getting their first toes to bar, their first chest to bar in a workout, and last but not least…the crowd favorite…that first muscle up. The roar at The Rock on Friday Night when Katie Fisher and Tara Warren flew over the bar for the first time still gives me chills, followed by Lesley and Sean on Saturday. It’s moments like that that make it worth it, those are the moments that continue to inspire.

A huge thank you to all of our coaches and athletes who stuck around or came in, even though they weren’t participating, to help judge. They were not paid, they did it for you guys…and for that we consider ourselves blessed and very grateful. Thank you to all those who came by on Friday Nights/Saturday Mornings/Sunday Afternoons to help setup, tear down, and cheer on your peers…the electricity would never be there without you guys. The last 60 seconds of every workout in any heat was always booming…thank you all for that.

Lastly…thank you to the community. This encompasses everyone, whether you signed up for the Open or you did it on Monday…we always gut this thing out together. While we are excited for a “bigger” space our heartbeat will never change. We will still be one unit doing couplets, triplets and rounds for time to become the best versions of ourselves. As a gym, be it 65 years young or a 16-year-old the needs vary by degree, not kind…and I love seeing both working out beside each other day in and day out.

As we close the door on our 7th CrossFit Open, we hope you were inspired. As the weather continues to improve, we look forward to getting outside and using our fitness…less rowing and lifting, more running and sled pushing. For those who competed, I encourage you to make some goals, take the steps to achieve them and prepare for October. For those who watched and felt that feeling inside to take the next step…we look forward to seeing you on the heat list this fall.

Keep sharpening the axe…we’ve got work to do.


The CrossFit Open 2019


The CrossFit Open 2019

Starting next Thursday for 5 weeks affiliates like ours around the world will participate in the CrossFit Open. Hundreds of thousands of athletes will complete the same workout with a judge counting every rep. Every Thursday night CrossFit HQ will release a new workout that must be completed by Monday and submitted online. The Open will push you physically and mentally. The workouts can be very challenging but are always possible. The biggest question is how much are you willing to let it burn? 

The Open can bring out the best. The first muscle up, the first double under, the first toe to bar...the adrenaline is undeniable. I've also seen the opposite. Dwelling on what you feel you should have done, or comparing yourself to someone else's score. The Open does not define our fitness or where we intend to’s merely a snapshot of where we are right now. It provides us a baseline that we can then use to measure improvement. Nobody will remember your ranking or how far you got in 19.3 after the open...all we will remember is that you were there, that you had the courage to do it. If you don't feel that you want to partake this year you will still have the opportunity to do the workouts with a class on Monday but typically given space or time restraints this will slightly vary from the actual workout that we will do with a judge.  There are some finer details regarding signing up for heat times, re-do's, rules, etc. but I'll save those for the closed Facebook group that I add everyone to once they are signed up.

 Friday nights at The Rock are electric. As the time winds down and the crowd heat's up it will push you for one more rep. It's truly inspiring to see everyone compete...something that may have seemed far-fetched from the time you walked through that glass door but is now within your reach. There are Scaled and RX options for each workout and one of the coolest benchmarks is when we see an athlete maybe scale a workout one year complete it RX when its repeated in the upcoming years...progress equates to fitness.

If you have any questions grab a coach and ask away. My signature response is typically this: "What’s the worst that can happen? You PR?"

Good luck and we'll see you #InTheOpen.

Christmas Holiday Schedule 2018

Merry Christmas!

For the Christmas Holiday this week, we’ll be following this schedule at the Rock.

Monday, December 24th: One class at 8:00am. All other classes and open gym canceled.

Tuesday, December 25th: Closed. All classes and open gym canceled.

Wednesday, December 26th: One class at 8:00am. All other classes and open gym canceled.

Thursday, December 27th: Regular Schedule

Friday, December 28th: Regular Schedule

Saturday, December 29th: Regular Schedule

Introducing Rocktown Fitness Workouts

Introducing Rocktown Fitness Workouts

Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays

No barbell, no problem. 

Rocktown CrossFit is excited to be offering “Fitness” Strength, Conditioning, and Workout options on Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays.

These workouts will run in conjunction with CrossFit class and Coaches will brief you on the movements and scaling options just like they would for any class. 

Each class will be filled with bodyweight movements and a variety of equipment sprinkled in. When offered, Fitness workouts will be posted online alongside the CrossFit Workout for the Day - it’s up to you which option you choose.

Come get fit, have fun and give the barbell a break with our latest addition to the fitness regimen.

Rocktown Fitness Workouts start the week of December 3rd.

Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!

For the Thanksgiving Holiday this week, we’ll be following this schedule at the Rock.

Monday, November 19th: Regular Schedule

Tuesday, November 20th: Regular Schedule

Wednesday, November 21st: 6:30pm canceled

Thursday, November 22nd: One class at 8:00am. All other classes and open gym canceled.

Friday, November 23rd: One class at 8:00am. All other classes and open gym canceled.

Saturday, November 24th: Regular Schedule

Sunday, November 25th: Sunday Mobility with Coach Katie at 9:30am

"The Lazy Season"

I've borrowed the post below from 2015 CrossFit Games Athlete Miranda Alcaraz’s blog, it couldn’t be more true. Three months left to put an exclamation on 2018!

WARNING: We are about to enter the LAZY SEASON....

But seriously, Fall and Winter are where people make or break their long term fitness goals. Sept - December in my opinion are the most critical months on your path to fitness. In January you’ve got resolutions. Come March you start getting ready for Summer. June comes and everyone is outside - active in the sunshine. But when late August/September hit the herd will separate. Those who are committed and who have truly adopted fitness as a lifestyle will continue to “show up”. Those who need a resolution, a vacation, a swimsuit, or a class reunion to be motivated will go into hibernation until after the holidays.

You will never get to where you truly want to be with this approach. You will ALWAYS be catching up. Starting over.

What would it be like if in January you didn’t have to make a resolution to “start working out”. What if all winter long you were consistently training a simple 3x per week? Wouldn’t it be amazing if your resolution got to be to add in a 4th day? Instead of a goal to lose 50 lbs - you only needed to lose 25??

The choice is yours. Will you waste the 3 most valuable months in 2018? Or will you make this year different?

"Welcome Back, Students."


Welcome Back, Students.

If you're a student looking for a place to blow off the stress that comes with all the papers, tests, and projects in college, you'll find that at Rocktown CrossFit. If you're a student who's looking for the place you'll build a better version of yourself, you'll find that at Rocktown CrossFit. If you're a student looking for a community to push yourself to do things you never thought you could do, you'll find that at Rocktown CrossFit. 

We hope you'll check us out. It doesn't matter if you've never done CrossFit before or if you've been doing it a while and are looking for your Harrisonburg home gym...we'd love to have you.

Your first workout is free. Just send us an email at and let us know you're coming; our coaches can scale the workout to any fitness level.

Check out our schedule here, our workouts for the week here, and our pricing here.

See you at The Rock! 


"Finding Your Fitness"

Bring a Friend Day

Wednesday, August 8th 2018

In the past 60 days I’ve seen it all in the gym I've been going to while out of town. Good form. Mostly bad form. The top heavy bro. The guy who learned to deadlift from his teacher in high school who had no idea what he was doing. The guy teaching the girl bad form. I watched a Marine teaching a group of individuals how to squat and it got so bad I had to walk away. But what stuck out most of all were the individuals who came in to the gym and you could just tell felt lost. Obviously they had the courage and commitment to show up but just didn’t know what to do, where to start or how to move. I just kept thinking, “How amazing would it be for that person to have the opportunity to walk in to a CrossFit gym?” 

It honestly had me reflecting…if there are folks like this here in the desert I’m sure there are just as many in Harrisonburg. 

That’s where we come in.

As we do every month or so, Wednesday, August 8th is Bring a Friend Day. I challenge you guys to find that person who you know wants to make a change. That wants to get their weight under control, their confidence back, or that just needs direction. I’m sure its more common that it’s not that someone signs up for a gym membership, goes a few times but doesn’t really know what to do or has the accountability and goes right back to their old ways. 

To that person, here’s what I can promise:

  • You will learn how to move properly
  • You will never be judged
  • You will never come to the gym not knowing what to do
  • You will be surrounded by the most uplifting people you could have ever imagined
  • Over time…all the confidence in the world will be yours.

Find that person who needs the above. It won’t come without sweat and consistency, but over time the possibilities are endless. You never know…you might just save their life.

See you Wednesday! Looking for the workout? Check here.


"Sorry for the Wait"

It’s been a long time coming but we have finally found someone with the skills and the time to revamp our website. A huge shout out to RJ Ohgren for pulling this together. We still have a few holes to fill but all the information that we had is still available in a much cleaner format for your viewing pleasure.

As we head to the dog days of summer, make sure to get out of the gym at times and enjoy your fitness! We don’t do all this exercising just to be good at exercising…apply it to life! Before you know it cold mornings will be back, it will be getting dark at 5pm and everyone will be asking Kim if Will is coming to the Christmas Party this year…

Let us know if you think anything is missing from the new site. We are looking forward to adding to it as time progresses. Big changes still to come…all in due time.