"Sorry for the Wait"

It’s been a long time coming but we have finally found someone with the skills and the time to revamp our website. A huge shout out to RJ Ohgren for pulling this together. We still have a few holes to fill but all the information that we had is still available in a much cleaner format for your viewing pleasure.

As we head to the dog days of summer, make sure to get out of the gym at times and enjoy your fitness! We don’t do all this exercising just to be good at exercising…apply it to life! Before you know it cold mornings will be back, it will be getting dark at 5pm and everyone will be asking Kim if Will is coming to the Christmas Party this year…

Let us know if you think anything is missing from the new site. We are looking forward to adding to it as time progresses. Big changes still to come…all in due time.