"Finding Your Fitness"

Bring a Friend Day

Wednesday, August 8th 2018

In the past 60 days I’ve seen it all in the gym I've been going to while out of town. Good form. Mostly bad form. The top heavy bro. The guy who learned to deadlift from his teacher in high school who had no idea what he was doing. The guy teaching the girl bad form. I watched a Marine teaching a group of individuals how to squat and it got so bad I had to walk away. But what stuck out most of all were the individuals who came in to the gym and you could just tell felt lost. Obviously they had the courage and commitment to show up but just didn’t know what to do, where to start or how to move. I just kept thinking, “How amazing would it be for that person to have the opportunity to walk in to a CrossFit gym?” 

It honestly had me reflecting…if there are folks like this here in the desert I’m sure there are just as many in Harrisonburg. 

That’s where we come in.

As we do every month or so, Wednesday, August 8th is Bring a Friend Day. I challenge you guys to find that person who you know wants to make a change. That wants to get their weight under control, their confidence back, or that just needs direction. I’m sure its more common that it’s not that someone signs up for a gym membership, goes a few times but doesn’t really know what to do or has the accountability and goes right back to their old ways. 

To that person, here’s what I can promise:

  • You will learn how to move properly
  • You will never be judged
  • You will never come to the gym not knowing what to do
  • You will be surrounded by the most uplifting people you could have ever imagined
  • Over time…all the confidence in the world will be yours.

Find that person who needs the above. It won’t come without sweat and consistency, but over time the possibilities are endless. You never know…you might just save their life.

See you Wednesday! Looking for the workout? Check here.