"The Lazy Season"

I've borrowed the post below from 2015 CrossFit Games Athlete Miranda Alcaraz’s blog, it couldn’t be more true. Three months left to put an exclamation on 2018!

WARNING: We are about to enter the LAZY SEASON....

But seriously, Fall and Winter are where people make or break their long term fitness goals. Sept - December in my opinion are the most critical months on your path to fitness. In January you’ve got resolutions. Come March you start getting ready for Summer. June comes and everyone is outside - active in the sunshine. But when late August/September hit the herd will separate. Those who are committed and who have truly adopted fitness as a lifestyle will continue to “show up”. Those who need a resolution, a vacation, a swimsuit, or a class reunion to be motivated will go into hibernation until after the holidays.

You will never get to where you truly want to be with this approach. You will ALWAYS be catching up. Starting over.

What would it be like if in January you didn’t have to make a resolution to “start working out”. What if all winter long you were consistently training a simple 3x per week? Wouldn’t it be amazing if your resolution got to be to add in a 4th day? Instead of a goal to lose 50 lbs - you only needed to lose 25??

The choice is yours. Will you waste the 3 most valuable months in 2018? Or will you make this year different?