2192 days. It hasn’t felt like that many but 6+ years later here we are. As I find myself reflecting on all the great things that happened at Evelyn Byrd the truth of the matter is it was never the gym but the people inside that made it so special. You grew from nervous to confident, from weak to strong, from sick to well.

You learned about carbs, proteins and fats, and how to move a barbell. You learned that Monday’s are for Mary, that Target is only a half mile away and not to drink from the water fountain unless you were ready for a family.

You’ve met your husbands/wives, you’ve taught your parents and your kids the importance of self care and for five weeks every March you’ve given it everything you’ve got. You’ve bounced back from child birth, from surgeries and sometimes from life itself.

You learned that sometimes when Lauren spoke she meant the opposite of what she was saying, she doesn’t like the cold and that 9am’s are #BuiltbyLB.

Most importantly...you’ve showed up. You’ve put a priority on your health. It’s not easy, and we wouldn’t want it to be. It’s the struggle that continues to mold and change us. We are the community who has accepted that easy is not the norm.

On Monday we pick up where we left off...the smell of paint and rubber may be new but the goal hasn’t changed. We have done our best to make 2.0 the best version we possibly could. The tears and sleepless nights behind this move are too high to count...but we knew you were worth it and you deserve it. Lauren has worked endlessly to bring the pieces together and it was nothing short of amazing. I wish it was as easy as just flipping the switch but it was far from it and we couldn’t be more excited to put this project behind us.

As you make your way in this week take a second to reflect on the time spent at Evelyn Byrd, the memories made and smile on how far we have come. You’re a part of this and because of you it was possible. The journey continues...only difference is that it now resides in the best looking gym I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

Welcome to 2.0....we hope you’re as proud of it as we are.