The 2019 CrossFit Open - Thank You.

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Thank you.

The 2019 CrossFit Open

With the Open now in the rear view it’s always nice to take some time to reflect on the five weeks of workouts that always seem to have our gut in a knot as we see that 10 seconds counting down for the clock to start!

The Open ALWAYS teaches us something about ourselves. It can show us where we have grown…and where we can continue to improve. But whether you hit the mark you wanted or not, never be discouraged: you did it. Even the fact that you willingly signed up for five weeks of workouts that you had to complete in front of your peers was hard in itself. Most importantly you showed those who came to watch and support that you were committed to making yourself better. We saw people string together their first double unders, people getting their first toes to bar, their first chest to bar in a workout, and last but not least…the crowd favorite…that first muscle up. The roar at The Rock on Friday Night when Katie Fisher and Tara Warren flew over the bar for the first time still gives me chills, followed by Lesley and Sean on Saturday. It’s moments like that that make it worth it, those are the moments that continue to inspire.

A huge thank you to all of our coaches and athletes who stuck around or came in, even though they weren’t participating, to help judge. They were not paid, they did it for you guys…and for that we consider ourselves blessed and very grateful. Thank you to all those who came by on Friday Nights/Saturday Mornings/Sunday Afternoons to help setup, tear down, and cheer on your peers…the electricity would never be there without you guys. The last 60 seconds of every workout in any heat was always booming…thank you all for that.

Lastly…thank you to the community. This encompasses everyone, whether you signed up for the Open or you did it on Monday…we always gut this thing out together. While we are excited for a “bigger” space our heartbeat will never change. We will still be one unit doing couplets, triplets and rounds for time to become the best versions of ourselves. As a gym, be it 65 years young or a 16-year-old the needs vary by degree, not kind…and I love seeing both working out beside each other day in and day out.

As we close the door on our 7th CrossFit Open, we hope you were inspired. As the weather continues to improve, we look forward to getting outside and using our fitness…less rowing and lifting, more running and sled pushing. For those who competed, I encourage you to make some goals, take the steps to achieve them and prepare for October. For those who watched and felt that feeling inside to take the next step…we look forward to seeing you on the heat list this fall.

Keep sharpening the axe…we’ve got work to do.