Thank you, Dwight Walton

It’s hard to put in to words the gratitude we have for Dwight Walton. As most of you know or have meet Dwight...nice doesn’t describe his personality. Dwight was a member of the 5:30am crew for several years and if you knew him during his time with us you saw a glimpse of how he is all the time. To say he’s the hardest working human I know doesn’t do it justice.


One of my favorite memories of Dwight at The Rock will forever be the plate carry. While he may be an optometrist by day he is a craftsman of sorts in his off time (as well as the Broadway Boys Varsity Basketball Coach). The workout called for a 400m run while carrying a plate. As we began to head outside everyone in the class is outside with their plate trying to figure out how to carry it....everyone but Dwight. As he stood off to the side with the plate propped on the ground I gave the call for “ten seconds”. Panic began to set in for most as they were still in decisive on the technique and escalated as we reached 3..2..1..go. Without hesitation Dwight with one arm scoops up the 45lb plate, threw it over his should with one finger in the middle opening and shot out like a cannon down the parking lot...not a single athlete within 80yds of him. To this date it is still on of the most impressive feats I’ve ever seen at The Rock. Dwight would go on to compete in the CrossFit Open and Superfit Richmond with a first place finish...just another example of anything he does a always at a high level.


Which brings us to 2.0. When we asked him for help we knew the timing couldn’t be worse and he was finishing up building his sons house, breaking ground on his own and finishing up Basketball season...but he agreed and off we went. The calls and text Lauren sent his was is probably in the 1000 range but he always had the answer. He went to bat for us when we didn’t know what to do, he spent his lunch breaks on the phone or at the city office or letting other workers into the building. He spent hours walking around Lowe’s with us, he loaned us his tools and shared his knowledge of construction. Lauren asked if I had learned anything from Dwight and honestly he’s the biggest reminder to me that hard work is required in everything we do. Watching him and “trying” to help him was very humbling. While he was moving fast he was cutting, thinking, and measuring with precision...again, one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen.

If you see Dwight Walton, please thank him...without him none of this would be possible.  There’s no words or actions that will ever repay what he has done for this gym. Thank you to his wife Theresa for allowing us to steal your husband away to make our dream a reality.

Dwight...thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your knowledge and handiness are only second to your kindness, patience and how you take care of those around you. You’re the greatest role model in a man I’ve ever met and I hope I can take what you have showed me these last few months and share those traits with my kids as the grow. In a world that at times is overshadowed by like Dwight.

Thank you my friend and go gobblers.