The CrossFit Open 2020 - It's Coming.

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Starting October 10th for five weeks CrossFit affiliates like ours around the world will participate in the CrossFit Open. Hundreds of thousands of athletes will complete the same workout with a judge counting every rep. Every Thursday night CrossFit HQ will release a new workout that must be completed by Monday and submitted online. The Open will push you physically and mentally. The workouts can be very challenging but are always possible. The biggest question is how much are you willing to let it burn?

This post typically comes out in February but hence forth CrossFit has announced the Open will now be held in the fall. Yes…it feels weird but this is our new normal and we will do out best to adjust. The Schedule will still be the same (Friday night, Saturday morning, Sunday afternoon) with online signups for heats…same dance just at a different time.

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The Open can bring out the best. The first muscle up, the first double under, the first toe to bar...the adrenaline is undeniable. I've also seen the opposite. Dwelling on what you feel you should have done, or comparing yourself to someone else's score. The Open does not define our fitness or where we intend to’s merely a snapshot of where we are right now. It provides us a baseline that we can then use to measure improvement.

Nobody will remember your ranking or how far you got in 20.3 after the open...all we will remember is that you were there, that you had the courage to do it. If you don't feel that you want to partake this year you will still have the opportunity to do the workouts with a class on Monday but typically given space or time restraints this will slightly vary from the actual workout that we will do with a judge. There are some finer details regarding signing up for heat times, re-do's, rules, and other things but I'll save those for the closed Facebook group that I add everyone to once they are signed up.

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Friday nights at The Rock are electric. As the time winds down and the crowd heat's up it will push you for one more rep. It's truly inspiring to see everyone compete...something that may have seemed far-fetched from the time you walked through that glass door but is now within your reach. There are Scaled and RX options for each workout and one of the coolest benchmarks is when we see an athlete maybe scale a workout one year complete it RX when its repeated in the upcoming years...progress equates to fitness.

If you have any questions grab a coach and ask away. My signature response is typically this: "What’s the worst that can happen? You PR?". Good luck and we'll see you #intheopen.